Serving Families Since 1998.

Serenity & Blundon’s Funeral Home was opened in 1998, as a family owned and operated firm and still continues to be family owned and operated. In today’s world of the large corporations buying up the small firms, and taking the personal and home town atmosphere out of the funeral profession, we are proud to say that we continue to be not only a friend to the families we serve, but also a neighbor in their community. Our motto from the beginning has been that “We treat every family as if they were a member of our own family.”

We are very proud of our community and are honored that each family we have had a chance to serve can know that their loved one has been treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

We have a modern facility with ample paved parking off the street, for your safety and convenience. The interior of the facility is spacious with a large Entrance to better fill the needs of each family.


Celebrate a Life

Celebrate the life of a loved one with our personalized memorial products. Our staff with our year’s of experience will help your family select the appropriate products that best reflect your loved one.  LEARN MORE >

Plan Ahead

Most of us plan ahead in life for important events and a funeral should be no different. Let us show you some of the many benefits of pre-planning and take our pre-plan checklist to see how prepared you are.  LEARN MORE >

Funeral Services

We offer a variety of funeral services including traditional funerals, personalized funerals, transfer services and direct burial. Our professional staff will work hard to deliver you the highest quality service.  LEARN MORE >

Cremation Services

We also offer a variety of cremation services including traditional funerals, visitation services, memorial services and direct burial. Our professional staff will work hard to deliver you the highest quality service.  LEARN MORE >

Grief Support

Grief is the process through which people adapt to loss. Our grief resources are available to help deal with the death of a loved one. Our compassionate staff is also available to help with grief support.  LEARN MORE >


These resources will help you learn more about what to do when a death occurs, how to plan a funeral, how a funeral service typically works, how a funeral home operates and more.  LEARN MORE >


Deciding to purchase a memorial for you or a loved one in a very personal decision. When it comes at a time of great emotion, it should never be undertaken in haste or under pressure. Furthermore, it’s probably something you’ve never done before. You will need help and guidance. As you consider buying a memorial, ask these questions and carefully weigh the answers you receive. LEARN MORE >

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